The politicians in Santa Fe want to add ANOTHER tax burden on you and your family. 

What do you mean by “another tax burden”?
Right now, the Legislature is considering House Bill 6, which they call “Paid Family Medical Leave.”

They gave it a squishy-sounding name in hopes that New Mexicans wouldn’t realize that it is a 369 million dollar tax increase paid for by every hard-working individual and business in our state.

New Mexico has a $3 BILLION surplus, why would anyone want to increase taxes by $369 million?
Politicians want you to pay more taxes so they can feel good about themselves. They want you to forget the fact that inflation is at an all-time high and that New Mexico is ranked one of the worst places to find workers or do business. 

What can I do to stop this $369 million tax increase?
Take 15 seconds to fill out this form to send a clear message from you to politicians letting them know you oppose HB6, and reminding them they are up for re-election this year and that you vote.